B&Q OPH reporting website

B&Q One Plant Home Reporting tool website

We developed and built a B&Q One Plant Home reporting tool for B&Q’s sustainability team. It served as an online tool to collect non-financial data across their 11 sustainability issues. The tool contained annual reporting of KPIs, monthly reporting and a file upload facility to hold supporting evidence files as well as comments and notes. To provide a comprehensive facility … Read More

B&Q sustainability performance reports

B&Q OPH Data Appendix Summary 2017-18

For many years we produced B&Q’s Sustainability Performance report. Both summary and full versions were created for different stakeholders, presenting a set of data tables and several related charts of key performances.  

B&Q timber supply chain story

B&Q Forest Friendly Chain of Custody Activity Sheet

We created a flyer, a checklist and a pocket guide held in the aprons of store colleagues to explain the timber supply chain story. The illustrations were also used on internal communications and an e-learning course.

B&Q bathroom products guide

B&Q Bathroom Products Specification Guide website

We have worked with several B&Q departments and their in-house studio since 1992. Our B&Q work has included consumer and trade marketing, POS, product literature, as well as SR and HR literature and reports. We created their Bathroom Product Specification Guide, an extensively detailed catalogue featuring their complete range of bathroom products including taps, sanitary ware and furniture, listing specifications, … Read More