Martin Lock Associates communications design

Our friends call us MLA and we’ve been combining creativity with commitment for more than three decades. We have vast experience in everything digital, print, graphics, exhibitions and communications. Let us take that first spark of an idea and create work with thought and understanding that speaks to your audience.

We help refine complex messages, making information approachable and beautiful, demanding attention and delivering results. We create exciting and informative communications to help you reach target audiences using a wide range of solutions.

From initial creative concepts to artwork, copywriting, photography, proofreading and print management, we look after it all. We have long relationships with our clients and enjoy providing them with consistently high quality work.

Our experienced team create tailored websites to fulfil your requirements by combining crafted functionality with engaging design and problem-solving to deliver your communication objectives. This is evident in our Gather reporting tool platform.

From our experience of developing non-financial reporting software we built our Gather reporting tool platform. This efficient cloud-based tool is designed as a modular and granular system that can be customised both functionally and visually.

The Gather tool collects both quantitative and qualitative data to analyse, report, measure and track performance. Its real-time data analysis delivers key metrics through onscreen dashboards, charts, PDF reports and in-depth spreadsheets. At the core is a user-friendly interactive system allowing your management team to control, monitor and audit the reporting process. Visit to view our demonstration video or give us a call for a chat.

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Jerry Martin

Creative Director

Jerry Martin

Jerry is passionate about data visualisation and the way we a look at and absorb information. Having studied in BA (Hons) Design, Jerry has a keen interest in environmental science and conservation. As a life-long learner this interest led to his recent BSc Natural Science (1st).

Kirsty Jones

Art Director

Kirsty Jones

Kirsty is passionate about print, literature and typography. After her finishing her Design degree she started her working life as a marketing designer in a large London publishing company. Kirsty is also a life-long learner reading Art History and Classical Studies at Open University.

Richard Abrams

Web Developer

Richard Abrams

Richard, our chief web architect and coder is always studying the latest trends in programming and technology. He believes that developers need to have an awareness of design. These creative talents are also shown in his role as a musical director with theatre groups.