Kingfisher Asia handbook for factories

Kingfisher Asia Handbook for factories front cover, English version

The Kingfisher Asia ‘Handbook for Factories’ series is an ongoing set of country-specific handbooks, produced in digital and print format, to communicate their sustainability and good practise standards through its supply chain. Workplace law guides were also created to accompany these handbooks. We produced several multi-language versions including Chinese, Vietnamese and Hindi as well as English versions.  

Kingfisher sustainability report 2018-19

Kingfisher Sustainability Report 2019 front

We created the Kingfisher sustainability report 2018-19 and their modern slavery act statement which communicated the company’s commitment across sustainability for the year. As part of the overall project we worked with the design agency who produced the sustainability microsite. The report communicated headline results and commentary using a mixture of infographics and striking layouts. Breakout pages were used to … Read More

Kingfisher sustainability results and reporting launch 2019

Kingfisher Sustainability Results Infographic Poster

For the launch of their sustainability report, Kingfisher asked us to help them communicate their 2019 sustainability results with a summary. Both print and digital formats were produced in several language versions as well as graphic elements for social media communications.

Kingfisher sustainability reporting and monitoring tool

Kingfisher Sustainability Reporting Tool

Back in 2005 we built Kingfisher an online reporting tool to collect non-financial data across their sustainability issues. Since then we’ve continually developed the tool, working with their sustainability team to meet their evolving requirements and match advancements in online reporting with an extensive package of facilities and functions. The tool contains several questionnaires that collect data using a variety … Read More

Kingfisher sustainability communications top tips posters

Kingfisher Sustainable Top Tips Saving energy A3 poster

In 2020 MLA created a set of infographic assets which combine playful icons with a short headline script to encourage simple sustainable actions. We produced a series of posters covering key areas of concern such as Healthier Homes, Saving Water and Saving Energy using the established corporate branding and colour ways. This is part of a communication package being used … Read More

Kingfisher sustainability communications

Sustainability data questionnaire 2018-19

We produce a range of guidelines and support communications material for Kingfisher both or external and internal audiences. These range from sustainability questionnaire guides, issue guidelines and digital newsletters. We create strong branded designs that share complex and detailed information in an engaging and lively approach. The scope of these communications also include multi-language solutions and setting templates for internal … Read More

Kingfisher sustainable home product guidelines

Kingfisher Sustainable Home Products Quick guide front

We’ve designed Kingfisher’s sustainable home product guidelines for several years, communicating their policy and guidance on their sustainable products to stakeholders and a wider audience. Working within the corporate branding the 2018-19 version had a Quick Start Guide providing a lively introduction summary highlighting key objectives and strategies. A more formal document which detailed their Reference guidelines was also produced.

Kingfisher sustainability reports

Kingfisher Sustainability Report 2017/18 front

We’ve designed Kingfisher’s annual sustainability report since 2006 and produced the Sustainability Report 2017-18 with its accompanying Modern Slavery Statement. We worked on the overall design with Public.London who designed the Kingfisher Sustainability microsite.

Kingfisher and B&Q chemical website

B&Q Chemicals website

We built the Kingfisher and B&Q Chemical website to communicate a detailed chemical action list to their suppliers and supply chain stakeholders. At the core of the website is a searchable chemical database with a variety of categories to find individual items. To maintain the list with the latest details the website was built with an easy to follow administration … Read More