Kingfisher Asia handbook for factories

Kingfisher Asia Handbook for factories front cover, English version

The Kingfisher Asia ‘Handbook for Factories’ series is an ongoing set of country-specific handbooks, produced in digital and print format, to communicate their sustainability and good practise standards through its supply chain. Workplace law guides were also created to accompany these handbooks. We produced several multi-language versions including Chinese, Vietnamese and Hindi as well as English versions.  

Kingfisher sustainability communications

Sustainability data questionnaire 2018-19

We produce a range of guidelines and support communications material for Kingfisher both or external and internal audiences. These range from sustainability questionnaire guides, issue guidelines and digital newsletters. We create strong branded designs that share complex and detailed information in an engaging and lively approach. The scope of these communications also include multi-language solutions and setting templates for internal … Read More

B&Q bathroom products guide

B&Q Bathroom Products Specification Guide website

We have worked with several B&Q departments and their in-house studio since 1992. Our B&Q work has included consumer and trade marketing, POS, product literature, as well as SR and HR literature and reports. We created their Bathroom Product Specification Guide, an extensively detailed catalogue featuring their complete range of bathroom products including taps, sanitary ware and furniture, listing specifications, … Read More

Kingfisher sustainable home product guidelines

Kingfisher Sustainable Home Products Quick guide front

We’ve designed Kingfisher’s sustainable home product guidelines for several years, communicating their policy and guidance on their sustainable products to stakeholders and a wider audience. Working within the corporate branding the 2018-19 version had a Quick Start Guide providing a lively introduction summary highlighting key objectives and strategies. A more formal document which detailed their Reference guidelines was also produced.